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"`How do you feel?' he asked him.

`Like a military academy,' said Arthur, `bits of me keep passing out.'" ....

`We're safe,' he said.

`Oh good,' said Arthur.

`We're in a small galley cabin,' said Ford, `in one of the spaceships of the Vogon Constructor Fleet.'

`Ah,' said Arthur, `this is obviously some strange usage of the word "safe" that I wasn't previously aware of.'

- Arthur after his first ever teleport ride.

Where will you go today?

"Don't you call me a mindless philosopher you overweight glob of grease!"

- C3PO--Star Wars: A New Hope

Fiddles, Notes, and Creations

Life is about tinkering, learning, exploring, and fiddlin' around with a lot of different, great things.

At least I think so.

Use the menu on the side to explore my collection of online notes relating to … random things.

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