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"Arthur yawed wildly as his skin tried to jump one way and his skeleton the other, whilst his brain tried to work out which of his ears it most wanted to crawl out of.
`Bet you weren't expecting to see me again,' said the monster, which Arthur couldn't help thinking was a strange remark for it to make, seeing as he had never met the creature before. He could tell that he hadn't met the creature before from the simple fact that he was able to sleep at nights."

- Arthur discovering who had diverted him from going to a party.

Where will you go today?

ARTHUR It probably seems a terrible thing to say, but you know what I sometimes think would be useful in these situations?
LINT. What?
ARTHUR A gun of some sort.
LINT.2 Will this help?
ARTHUR What is it?
LINT.2 A gun of some sort.
ARTHUR Oh, that'll help. Can you make it fire?
LINT. Er...
LINT. Yes.

- Arthur and the Lintillas gaining the upper hand, Fit the Twelfth.

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