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Veewee is a tool used to automagically create virtual machines. Using templates, a virtual machine can easily be made.

These images can be used for vagrant setups.

Tips on creating an image:

Get info

Load commands into console

$ source "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm"

List templates

$ veewee vbox templates

Select which template to use

$ veewee vbox define 'server' 'debian-7-i386-netinstall'

Adjust Config Options

For centos you may need

:vm_options => ["pae" => "on"],

Add this to end of as cleanup

rm /home/vagrant/*.sh

Build it

$ veewee vbox build 'webserver' --workdir=/home/user/veewee

Validate it

$ veewee vbox validate 'webserver'


Remove .sh files

$ veewee xbox ssh 'webserver'
<inside box> $ rm /home/vagrant/*.sh

Export (this needs to remove *.sh files)

$ veewee vbox export 'webserver'

Remove box files (not saved box file)

$ veewee vbox destroy 'webserver'
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