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"`Hey this is terrific!' Zaphod said. `Someone down there is trying to kill us!'
`Terrific,' said Arthur.
`But don't you see what this means?'
`Yes. We are going to die.'
`Yes, but apart from that.'
`APART from that?'
`It means we must be on to something!'
`How soon can we get off it?'"

- Zaphod and Arthur in a certain death situation over Magrathea.

Where will you go today?

Han Solo: "Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy."


IOMMU PCI Passthrough

PCI Passthough is available on some systems. It allow one to map PCI cards to VMs.

Can be enabled with this kernel arg: intel_iommu=on (though it depends if hardware supports it).


Many articles said it caused problems (failed boot, memory corruption). However, these articles were written back in 2006 or before, and the hardware has progressed.

Enabling IOMMU in the kernel for graphics card pass-through

Linux kernel enable the IOMMU – input / output memory management unit support

What is IOMMU and will it improve my VM performance?

Is IOMMU enabled?

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